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We explore and investigate to create.

We search for the unprecedented.



A co-creative studio born from the passion of establishing interactions between different creative disciplines, using design as the main channel to connect with the users.

Focusing on conceptual thinking, our method traces experiments from materials to spaces. We investigate their inherent characteristics, challenging the relationship between crafts, industry and innovation. The synthesis through design, art and functionality, combined with an acute sense of aesthetics, creates products that become experiences.


“We pursue deep emotive interaction

and timeless memorability”

vanessa redondo|Founder

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Unites the wisdom and sensibility of past and present, craft and innovation, creating objects the are innately useful, emotionally relevant and intensely personal.

Interested in functional and poetic appeal fo design who believe that objects have the power to communicate meaningful messages and new ways of looking at the world, by placing our work within the framework of everyday life, we aim to innovate and provoke discussion.


Our food experiences establish interactions, create stories and memorable moments through food. Working in collaboration with our chef, we  break cultural traditions, pushing our guest to transcend the limits of their relationship with food. 

An intersection of food and performance to create stories people can feel, creating a space where interactions are open to discover and reconnect , understand what / why / how we eat and communicate ideas.


We extend our limits beyond design, creating installations, curating exhibitions, events that entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze. 

An unexpected mix of sensorial materials and artful sensibility objects to create truly unique environments.


Ready for an experience…

let’s create one together