SIKU | Sensory ice lab

SIKU | Sensory ice lab

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Throughout the years, humans have tried to record history through artistic disciplines. While nature has provided its own expression of art through natural phenomena. Ice is one of these artistic manifestations created by nature, and underestimated by many. 

World history can be interpreted through ice, but global warming is a pressing issue which will eradicate this history. Therefore, we must learn to appreciate nature's art and its way of telling history, before it is too late.

Appreciating ice evokes idyllic feelings that provoke the sensation of transparency and gloss through the patterns formed with its crystalline structure. In spite of being a solid form of scentless water with a peculiar natural sound, ice inspires an uncontrollable desire to touch it, allowing us to cherish its poetic ephemeral nature as it disappears in time.

Embodying the “here and now,” while pursuing the alluring simplicity offered by ice, we've created an experience that enhances the perception of ice, a pure, elegant and straightforward material through our senses. We invite guests to explore it and seek a connection that will change their perception. We convey this story through its form, which follows a timeline of existence as it gradually changes from rigid to organic, eventually melting away.                   

Siku Sensory Ice Lab metaphorically transforms ice into a multisensorial tasting that seeks to highlight the emotions that have been perceived in the installation. We use ice cream in its purest state while mixing it with gastronomical elements that complement textures and flavors breaking with traditional schemes.

*All our dishes may contain allergens in their ingredients (REGULATION EU 1169/2011)

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