ESSENTIA | Food Experience

ESSENTIA | Food Experience


Exploring “essence" as an ambiguous term, our food experience debates between the essence of being and the essence of a fragrance.  Both have the same power of persuasion over us, are imperceptible to the naked eye and enchanting. 

Starting from the premise that food would have no taste if it wasn’t for our smell, we explore the relation we have with essences through the interaction and values the ingredients have with our body and mind. Its starts from a purely physical connection, but as we  explore the different fragrances we dwell into our own memories and experiences, evoked by the smells of our menu. 

The experience aims for each dish, inspired and cooked with it the layer’s notes, to bring back individual memories. Each guest can recall over the course of the dinner the memories that have built up their own essence. Leaving the experience with a  “ bespoke essence “ - but created by the sensorial perception of food and perfumes.  

*All our dishes may contain allergens in their ingredients (REGULATION EU 1169/2011)

*If you have any allergies or intolerances, it is absolutely necessary that you inform us by:

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