TEPUY INSTINCTS | Food Experience

TEPUY INSTINCTS | Food Experience


Humanity has increasingly become disconnected from its surroundings; respect for nature is taken for granted. The search for progress as a species has made us see technology and evolution as concepts opposed to nature, making us completely disregard where we came from. We believe that a paradigm shift occurs when we create links that help us see ourselves as part of nature. Under this vision, we seek to question our priorities, looking back at our roots to re-discover a way to live with nature and not from it.

Inspired by relatively isolated tribes from the Venezuelan territory of the Amazonian rainforest, we were able to understand how to live in symbiosis with nature. These tribes are responsible for conserving the ecosystem that surrounds them, making it a place they call home. As a result, we introduce Tepuy, a Food experience in collaboration with Chef Adriana Urbina. We propose with this experience a transit through the lifestyle of the Amazonian tribes.

Using native and seasonal products, we’re able to transform their aromas, colors and textures while experiencing the richness and diversity of Venezuelan flavours.

Location: C/ Conde de Xiquena 12

Time: 20:30

Price: 75 € + VAT

*All our dishes may contain allergens in their ingredients (REGULATION EU 1169/2011)

*If you have any allergies or intolerances, it is absolutely necessary that you inform us by: info@wecravedesign.com.

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