INCOGNITO - A Food Experince

INCOGNITO - A Food Experince



In a changing world where food’s appearance has become more prominent than ever, we challenge the mind by unlinking colours from flavours in an achromatic dinner.


Experience new achromatic sensations 

Apéritif | 
Service | Charcoal Crumb with Spanish Bitter

To start |  
- Onion Lagoon
- Butterfish Lamelles 

Seduction | 
- Black Iberian foundation
- Smoked Sesame Ventresca
- Truffle folds

Temptations  | 
- Créme Texture
- Cold Sesame

Coffe + Petits fours
Price: 50 €  (earlybird price 45 €  until Monday, November 20th)
(VAT NOT included)

*All our dishes may contain some food allergen among its ingredients (REGULATION EU 1169/2011)

**If you have any allergies or intolerances, it is absolutely necessary that you tell us before making your reservation.

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