Leather Lab


Client: We Crave Design
Year: 2017


The idea that the identity is variable creates the sensation that this term is often linked to vulnerability. This is an experimental development that aims to construct a new representation of the material. The leather is decontextualised from its handcrafts process and submitted to different experiments involving different techniques.

Nowadays Leather remnant is a waste material that is not reused, the leather industry has to pay money to dispose it. Throughout the trial process, this waste is physically transformed into different density shavings and patterns.

Porcelain + Leather

These two materials are immersed and mixed together, becoming both dependent on each other to obtain a complete transformation of a new material.

To achieve different finish results. the molds were designed taking into consideration the suspension of the leather particles illustrating how one material support the other. This process allows the nature of each material to play its own role giving unexpected qualities in the object as a result.

Oxymoron container collection

This collection is conformed with one of a kind pieces whose origins are the study of two materials where the union and contraposition of them is different but at the same time their elements complement. These elements are the versatility of the leather and the fragility of porcelain.




Concept and Design:
Vanessa Redondo

Sandra Rubio

Alejandro Fernandez Espejel

Photos + Video:
Felix Sánchez Gago