Leather Lab



A project that reflects the union of two worlds, the traditional and the technological. It challenges the pre-established methods, where materials demonstrate what they are capable of if we take them out of context.

Fascinated by the wide aesthetics and symbolic connotations of leather, a material that represents the complex relationship between humans and nature, with the ability to evoke memories, drove me to research, experiment and challenge it.

Questioning its identity came to us at the moment when the language of the material was no longer considered as given. Poorly perceive as a fashion-luxury resource, an ignorant awareness of the leather industry have conditioned the supply of animal as a resource. This has caused a shortage of waste in relation with the market demand for quality products without taking into consideration that leather itself is a byproduct of another industry.   

The new perceptions and knowledge acquired during this process lead us to perceive it as a substance and an open source of unique and poetic reactions. The following works represent the result of [LEATHER LAB], an interaction between leather-craft and handcrafted natural materials, innovating on their alter-egos, vulnerability and performance.