Humanity is on the verge of completely disconnecting with the surrounding nature. Right now, the constant search of progress has turned technology and evolution against it, making us dependent on artificial stimulus that slowly incapacitate us to perceive reality through our feelings.

We believe the paradigm shift comes from us. Therefore, instead of thinking sustainable as doing good for the globe as an isolated figure, we design to create one that helps us see ourselves as part of nature. Sustainability should be an unconscious desire of the designer in the attempt of rediscovering our relationship with it.

With this in mind, we created Instincts. A place where we will rediscover our relationship with nature through gastronomy, art, design, and technology. Promoting and teaching us to live with nature and not from nature.


Concept + Tableware Design | We Crave

Artist | Masaaki Hasegawa

Chef. Jesus India