Client: We Crave Design, Exposición Decodé.
Year: 2017


Balenciaga’s influence is an inherent fact in fashion, its legacy governs the creative development of designers around the world. And in our case, forms a fundamental part of the creative legacy of Spanish fashion.

For the exhibition DECODÉ Cristóbal Balenciaga, we have considered as an exercise to use its codes and references of inspiration, in combination with one of the most developed silhouettes by the designer. A proposal that would be linked to the development technology that characterises the fashion of the 21st century.

The idea was to capture the aesthetics and colours of the saints of Zurbarán in combination with the aesthetics of the classic opulent fabrics used by the designer in a material developed by us in the studio.

Under this premise, our proposal, a minimalist silhouette dress, made up of only 3 pieces, simple structure and without complications where thanks to the elaboration of a refined pattern, we can appreciate the richness of the material, which in a very subtle way allows us to appreciate the interaction between the vulnerable delicacy of the flowers and the austere versatility of the silicone.



Concept and Design: Vanessa Redondo y Zuhey Hernández

Production: Ana Carel Hernández, Sandra Rubio y Zuhey Hernández

Model: Isabella Ching

Photos: Lucia Sun